Managed File Transfer (MFT) – the secure transfer of business-critical data

More and more companies are exchanging large amounts of structured and unstructured data including files such as multimedia media, construction data or marketing materials – using USB sticks, CDs or DVDs, simply because email may have file size restrictions and FTP is unsecured. The cost of transporting large files with these media can also add up.

SEE MFT can significantly reduce this operational cost while increasing the visibility, transparency and security of file transfers. Our award-winning SEE MFT solution was built from the ground up to handle all your file transfer needs. It provides a single, consolidated view of all your file transfer activity across your supply chain, your trading relationships and your business.

SEE MFT replaces inefficient, unsecured and patch-worked approaches, including multiple FTP servers and “free” web-based services, reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO) and administrative overhead of managing file transfers. Plus you have single-vendor accountability.

With the consolidated, comprehensive approach provided by SEE MFT, you can:

  • Reduce the threat of misdirected, late, lost or stolen data
  • Ensure compliance with government, industry, and customer privacy and security mandates
  • Further streamline, protect and accelerate supply chain and business operations

If you are a current SEEBURGER customer, you can be up and running quickly with SEE MFT.  Just purchase an upgrade license key, perform a simple upgrade and enable SEE MFT functionalities.  Your IT staff can manage SEE MFT using their B2B skills from BIS.

The SEE MFT server runs on the SEEBURGER Business Integration Server, sharing a common GUI and using its built-in best practices and automation for business process management (BPM), messaging, trading partner management, and governance/compliance.

With SEE MFT you can build an efficient, lightweight and sustainable infrastructure for secure file transfer across your supply chain and trading relationships – using the following solution components:

SEEBURGER Secure Link (SEE Link)

SEEBURGER Secure Link (SEE Link) is a lightweight endpoint MFT client option for remote sites and users, ensuring guaranteed delivery of files even for those locations with unpredictable network connections or limited EDI experience.

SEEBURGER Managed Adapters for MFT

SEEBURGER Managed Adapters for MFT provides a centralized solution for integrating applications and systems using standard adapters for FTP, SFTP, HTTPS and other communications and application-specific protocols.

SEEBURGER File Exchange (SEE FX)

SEEBURGER File Exchange (SEE FX) is a self-service Web portal option that empowers business users to independently exchange and track large files.


More control, faster onboarding, better communication, less risk.
SEEBURGER Secure Edge (SEE SSE) provides regulatory compliance, data protection and DMZ security for data moving between external partners, connections and your internal network.

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